Saturday, January 4, 2020

Call for Art/Classes/Presentations 2020

For 2020, SASS will be changing things up a little bit for art shows and presentations. Please reply ASAP if you are interested in being a part of the activities for this year!

Now seeking:

~Individual visual/2D artists, small sculpturists, or crafters, working in any media, to show their work in the space for quarterly exhibits (2-3 months at a time.) Open to artists of any skill level, background, or topic, but the work MUST align with our vision and mission to provide examples of creativity as a means for healing, inspiration, visionary exploration/experience, and/or community building.

You will have roughly 75 sq. ft. of wall space to play with for planning a show. Those with 3D work can make use of about 3 sq. ft. of bookcase display space. Work must be ready to hang at the time of dropoff. There are no hanging/application fees, but there is 30% commission on any work sold. (No fee charged to our current clients.)

To apply, please submit a few examples of your work or a link to an online portfolio, introduce yourself and your background, and describe how your work fits within the theme of creativity for healing.

~Presentations, Classes and Workshop ideas. This can be in concert with an art exhibit of your work, or can be stand-alone.

Seeking presentations and workshops that help promote related themes such as creativity for healing or therapy, inspiration, personal expression/development, community building and enhancement, visionary or spiritual exploration.

The Studio can offer space for a small group (3-10 people), but can also help sponsor your offering to a larger audience, if desired, through our partnership with local businesses and organizations.

To apply, please describe a little about your background, whether you've taught or presented to the public before, some examples of the type of work you'd like to feature, a brief idea pitch or outline, how this project aligns with our Studio vision and mission, and your rate (if any).

Looking forward to seeing what you've got for 2020!

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