The following are a few suggestions to help you increase your understanding and insight, as well as enhance your personal growth and work in therapy. Feel free to experiment with them and see what might work for you!

If you get stuck, or encounter any problems using these suggestions, please let me know. I'm happy to troubleshoot them with you, or suggest alternatives. I will continue to update them as I get additional resources. Contact me with your suggestions or questions/comments.

NOTE: If you are having severe or uncontrollable distress symptoms, STOP and go instead to "Crisis Resources" on my Resources Page.

Self-Help List

Updated 2020. There is no formal affiliation or special endorsement with sites or other providers listed.


Generalized Anxiety self test:


Coping with Anxiety:

Social Anxiety:

Panic Attacks:


Understanding the symptoms:

Guided meditation to ease depression:

Challenging Beliefs Guide & Worksheet (works for any distorted beliefs, not just depression!):

Back from the Bluez

Challenging Negative Thoughts:

Drug & Alcohol

Alcoholics Anonymous online group meetings:

SMART Recovery website- a cognitive-behaviorally based self help program:

Rational Recovery website- similar idea, but older and based more on Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy principles:

Al-Anon group listings (in person and remote)- for families or spouses of someone with a substance use disorder:

Stress Management

Learn what stress means and how it works:

Stress self-asessment and suggestions for coping:

Evaluate how you cope:

Identifying Ways of Coping

Relaxation & Self-Soothing

Dealing with Feelings

Black and White/All-or-Nothing Thinking:

Tapping for Clearing Stuck Feelings/Emotions:

Getting a Handle On Emotions:

Identifying Feelings:

Self Esteem/Self Worth

Brene' Brown: Power of Vulnerability & more

Food, Body & Eating Issues

NEDA's Self-Quiz for Eating Disorders:

Body Image:

Food Cravings:

Fear of "Bad Foods":

Eating & Anxiety:

Support and Recovery:

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain "self help guide" with activities to help reduce pain-related distress:

Restorative Yoga for Pain:

Comprehensive Pain Scale:

Less Common Causes of Pain:

Grief and Loss


How to "fight fair" in a relationship:

Highly Sensitive Person Test: