Saturday, January 4, 2020

Call for Art/Classes/Presentations 2020

For 2020, SASS will be changing things up a little bit for art shows and presentations. Please reply ASAP if you are interested in being a part of the activities for this year!

Now seeking:

~Individual visual/2D artists, small sculpturists, or crafters, working in any media, to show their work in the space for quarterly exhibits (2-3 months at a time.) Open to artists of any skill level, background, or topic, but the work MUST align with our vision and mission to provide examples of creativity as a means for healing, inspiration, visionary exploration/experience, and/or community building.

You will have roughly 75 sq. ft. of wall space to play with for planning a show. Those with 3D work can make use of about 3 sq. ft. of bookcase display space. Work must be ready to hang at the time of dropoff. There are no hanging/application fees, but there is 30% commission on any work sold. (No fee charged to our current clients.)

To apply, please submit a few examples of your work or a link to an online portfolio, introduce yourself and your background, and describe how your work fits within the theme of creativity for healing.

~Presentations, Classes and Workshop ideas. This can be in concert with an art exhibit of your work, or can be stand-alone.

Seeking presentations and workshops that help promote related themes such as creativity for healing or therapy, inspiration, personal expression/development, community building and enhancement, visionary or spiritual exploration.

The Studio can offer space for a small group (3-10 people), but can also help sponsor your offering to a larger audience, if desired, through our partnership with local businesses and organizations.

To apply, please describe a little about your background, whether you've taught or presented to the public before, some examples of the type of work you'd like to feature, a brief idea pitch or outline, how this project aligns with our Studio vision and mission, and your rate (if any).

Looking forward to seeing what you've got for 2020!

2nd Saturday January: Holiday Deconstruction!

Stop by the Studio during 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour, January 11th, 3-5pm for a last fond look at the "Humorous Holidays" show before it comes off the wall! Why are we calling this "Holiday Deconstruction", you ask? You can help SASS clean house for 2020 by picking your favorite meme, art piece, decoration or card on the wall and taking it home with you! The Spirit of the Season is guaranteed to be with you all year long.

You'll also have a chance to shop handmade jewelry from Honey Morrison of Barefoot Hippies before it goes away for the year- at amazingly affordable prices. Maybe a good time to stock up on some gifts for next December? Ho Ho Oh Yeah!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Call for Art- Humorous Holidays

Get your Ho Ho Ho on with a visual art show that really knows how you feel about the holiday season.

Encouraging all artists (we're defining the term loosely here) to create or bring work that shows off your spirit of holiday humor! All winter holidays are fair game- we're all equal-opportunity satirists around here.

All art must be ready to hang on the wall. No hanging fee, we will take 30% comission if your artwork sells. Drop off deadline Dec. 12th to the Studio. Please message, email or call/text to arrange a drop off time, or come by during Open Studio on Thurdays, 3-5pm.

Join us for a holiday party and art opening as part of 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour on Dec. 14th from 3-5pm. Show will be up until February 2nd, 2020.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Community Altar Build This Weekend

The Florence Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, an organization that recognizes and honors faiths and beliefs of all traditions and backgrounds, has graciously agreed to host this Community Altar project for 2019! You can learn more about FUUF by visiting their Facebook page HERE

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Peace Health & Changing Insurance Coverage in 2020

In a somewhat controversial move, Peace Health is dropping two big providers for the Florence and Eugene areas: Trillium OHP and Health Net Advantage.

This article sums up the issue:

I went to Peace Health's website, and they appear to have updated it with current information. Scroll down to see what coverages are available:

On the heels of this, it's worth announcing that we are, in fact, getting a new Coordinated Care Org. in 2020 in Lane County, which is Pacific Source. It appears they have both Medicare and Medicaid coverages.

Here's the Pacific Source website:

And as always, make sure you stay on top of open enrollment periods if you are applying for health insurance coverage other than OHP (which is typically open year-round).

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New Groups in November 2019!

I'm starting some new local groups here in Florence this coming month, and I wanted to make sure to get the word out! Please contact me to RSVP or find out more information about any group. 

You can also view the listings on my Psychology Today page HERE.

Journal Keepers Club
Group Type: Closed, ongoing group 
When: Monthly on every 3rd Wed. from 5-6:30pm
Where: Serene Abundance Studio 

***WAITLIST NOW FORMING! Please call or email to find out more and RSVP.*** 
Do you keep a journal, or want to learn how? Looking for more ways to add richness, creative exploration, personal expression, and self-development into your practice? In this group, we focus on sharing our work (as much or as little as you're comfortable with) in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, and learning new creative writing, self-reflection, and art journaling techniques to enhance your personal journey. Open to teens and adults 16 and up. 

Eating Disorder Support Group
Group Type: Drop-In Support Group 
When: Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 6-7pm
Where: Serene Abundance Studio 

A safe, non-judgemental space for you to learn from others' experiences, share your own struggles and success, receive support and guidance, and get information and referrals for you and those you love. You'll also have a chance to try out creative and self-soothing exercises you can use on your own. Discussion and group activity moderated by a professional therapist with experience and training in Eating Disorder assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Open to all adults, age 18 and up, with eating/body image/weight anxiety concerns. 

Trauma Recovery Group
Group Type: 8-week closed group, repeats 
When: TBD
Where: Serene Abundance Studio 

**NOW SCHEDULING INTERVIEWS- Please call or email to find out more and RSVP**
This civilian therapy group will use a blend of current best-practice approaches to help you identify, manage and get relief from symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Anxiety, C-PTSD, etc. Open to adults age 18 and older. Referrals welcome, but no diagnosis necessary to come to group. This will be an 8-week class series that repeats, can take more than one time as needed. Pre-group interview necessary before you will be allowed to start the group for the 1st time. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

1st Anniversary Bash!

Join us August 10th for the One Year Anniversary of Serene Abundance Studio Space (SASS) In Florence, OR!

We’re celebrating with a full day of multi-media presentations and activities, showcasing the latest and best from the world of Art and Healing/creative arts therapies. All events are free, all ages, and open to the general public.

If you’ve ever been curious about how creativity can be used for healing, personal growth and insight, this is something you won’t want to miss!

Schedule of Events:

Creative Healing with Virtual and Augmented Reality
Siuslaw Public Library, Conference Room

Sit in on a panel discussion with Media Psychologist, Jedediah Walls, and multimedia artist, Kristoffer Godwin of Zuul Industries, as they discuss new advancements in technology aimed at healing and personal expression- such as VR therapy for Veterans with PTSD.

Visionary Arts and Healing
Siuslaw Public Library, Conference Room

Visionary Art shows us things “beyond what the eye can see”, an illustration of spiritual truths. This presentation with Serena Appel, MA showcases visionary art through history- from cave paintings to religious art of the Renaissance, Abstract Expressionism to examples of today’s leading visionary creatives- with a focus on how visionary expression can help transform the individual, and society.

Creative Journaling Mini-Workshop
Siuslaw Public Library, Conference Room

Learn techniques and tips to get more depth and richness out of your journal-keeping experience, such as visual journaling prompts, ways to express thoughts and feelings using mixed media, and how to get started on a weekly journal practice for wellness. Materials provided; you’re welcome to bring your own blank journal or sketchbook in progress.

Virtual Reality Demo
Florence Business Center, Conference Room

Explore virtual landscapes, experiences and immersive 3D art pieces in this hands-on demonstration.

Art Opening- Expressive Voices
Serene Abundance Studio

Our One Year Anniversary Exhibition, showcasing local and regional Oregon visual artists. Each piece provides a personal example of how art media can be used to express one’s unique “voice”, serve as a means to cope with conflict and difficulty, appreciate that which inspires, communicate complex feelings and experiences, and so much more. 

The Opening coincides with Florence's 2nd Saturday Gallery Tour, hosted by Beaux Arts supply store. Refreshments will be available. 

The Exhibit will be up through October 6th. You can visit the gallery during Open Studio on Thursday afternoons, on 2nd Saturdays, or by appointment. 

Soundscape Room
Florence Business Center, Conference Room

Relax inside an art installation made of sounds, rhythm and music, and experience sound in a whole new way. Get soothed, harmonized, energized by the all-over vibrations!

NOTE: Event times/details may be subject to change. Visit the Serene Abundance Studio page on to view the most up to date info.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Joining Open Path

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that I have just gotten my approval to join the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective!

You can find my profile here:

Open Path is an online directory exclusively listing therapists willing to see clients for a reduced, sliding-scale fee for individual and couples/relationship counseling, rather than billing insurance or charging a full rate out-of-pocket. My rates through them would be as follows:

Individual counseling for teens and adults- $30-60 per session

Couples/relationship counseling- $30-80 per session

Potential clients are asked to sign up for the Open Path service, and pay a one-time membership fee. Once you have registered with Open Path, you are free to browse listings and choose any therapist you like. You agree to contact the therapist through the Open Path website, or mention that you found me on Open Path, as I'm required to verify your membership before taking you on as a client.

The benefit of this arrangement, is that you have a guaranteed resource of professionally licensed and experienced, sliding-scale therapists for as long as you may need it, wherever you go. You will know that you will get the same standards of good-quality care and handling of financial matters, with any therapist you see.

I am also still willing to discuss reduced-fee sessions as an option for clients who do not wish to join Open Path, of course. This is on a per-case basis, and is a discussion I would have with you when you first come in to consult with me about starting treatment.

Either way, I ask clients to sign a fee agreement document that clearly states the rate to be paid, length of time we will be using the discounted fee, and when/how this agreement will be reviewed. I strive for a balance between helping people access treatment they need, while also bringing in enough revenue to help me continue to run my practice in a way that supports my business and my community.

I hope you'll help spread the word about this service! Let's work together to help get affordable, quality mental health care and art therapy in the hands of as many folks as need it.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

NEW Potential CCO's For Oregon in 2020

Hi all,

As part of my ongoing effort to inform regarding health care coverage for us here in Oregon, I wanted to share some news from the Oregon Health Authority.

They announced this week they have received 24 "letters of intent" from Coordinated Care Organizations to apply for potential contracts with counties statewide. This would be for a period between 2020-2024. (see table below).

What does this mean for consumers?

As you may or may not know, almost all of the health care delivery to those with the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) and frequently also Medicare/Medicare Advantage, was distributed for management by a number of different CCO's across the state after an administrative change in 2012. Excepting OHP Open Card members and those with Tribal affiliations, everyone in Oregon has been moved into health care coverage that's directly overseen by one of these CCO's- meaning they determine what benefits individuals get, whether you need to pay a co-pay to see a provider, types of coverage available for different types of health care issues, and limitations or exclusions on what would be covered.

According to the OHA, "CCOs bring together physical, behavioral, and oral health providers to coordinate care for people on the Oregon Health Plan. They improve health and reduce costs by providing more coordinated, flexible and innovative services." 

The down side to CCO management, however, falls on those who live outside of the heavily populated urban centers in Oregon. Those who live in rural areas, such as much of Eastern Oregon, here in Lane County outside of Eugene, and other areas in Central or Southern Oregon, have only been provided one CCO to manage the entire county. (why this is so is based on the complexities of how insurance systems and legislation work in the U.S.- perhaps a good topic for a separate blog post.)

The problem with having only one CCO in charge of the health care for the majority of users in a county (and let's face it, many of the more rural areas in Oregon are also the ones with the most people living at or below Medicaid's income criteria), lies in choice. Need a vision exam? Sorry, Trillium only covers vision services for severe or degenerative eye diseases. Need to get a certain test or get durable medical equipment (such as a CPAP machine) covered? Only if your CCO says it's allowed. Or, you can move to Portland or Salem, where you can shop around for CCO's who are better-resourced, or are at least more willing to cover certain services.

So the introduction of more CCO's throwing their hat into the ring for the upcoming contract period is, we can hope, a good thing. It will potentially provide at least two choices in a number of under-served counties, rather than one. This will, hopefully, provide some better alternatives to consumers, and encourage some healthy competition/avenues for consumer feedback, in the hopes of attracting new customers. It's also reassuring that most of the CCO's already in operation are staying, and in some cases expanding their reach, rather than pulling out of Oregon.

As far as whether continuing to operate primarily under the CCO model is a good idea by itself...? Well, I guess we will have to let the future decide.

Letters of intent received by the Oregon Health Authority for CCO 2.0 contracts
OrganizationService Area
AllCare CCO, Inc.Josephine, Jackson, Curry and partial Douglas
CareOregon, Inc.Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington
Cascade Health Alliancepartial Klamath
Columbia Pacific CCO, LLCClatsop, Columbia and Tillamook
Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization, LLCBaker, Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Lake, Malheur, Morrow, Sherman, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Wheeler
Health Share of OregonClackamas, Multnomah, Washington
InterCommunity Health NetworkLinn, Benton, Lincoln
Jackson County CCOJackson
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the NorthwestClackamas, Multnomah, Washington
Marion Polk Coordinated CareMarion, Polk and partial Benton, Linn, Clackamas and Yamhill
Moda Health Plan, Inc.Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook
Moda Health Plan, Inc.Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington
Moda Health Plan, Inc.Lane
PacificSource Community Solutions - Central OregonDeschutes, Jefferson, Crook, partial Klamath
PacificSource Community Solutions - Columbia GorgeHood River, Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler
PacificSource Community Solutions - LaneLane
PacificSource Community Solutions - Marion PolkMarion and Polk
PacificSource Community Solutions - PortlandClackamas, Multnomah, Washington
PrimaryHealth of Josephine CountyJosephine, Jackson and partial Douglas
Providence Health AssuranceMultnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Hood River, Clatsop, Jackson
Trillium Community Health Plan, Inc.Lane, partial in Benton, Linn, Coos and Douglas
Umpqua Health Alliance, LLCDouglas and Lane
Western Oregon Advanced Health, LLCCoos and Curry
Yamhill County Care OrganizationYamhill and partial Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Tillamook and Washington