Counseling/Therapy Service Menu: 

Effective 2020


15 minute consultation: FREE

Please get in touch via email, text or phone message, and let me know a good time to reach you.

Intake/Assessment appointment: $100 

Required prior to any therapy/counseling. Can be done in person or by video call. Expect to spend about 53m-1.5hrs at an intake appointment.

1hr Individual Therapy Session: $150

Includes 53m talk, art therapy, etc. time in person, or by "live" phone or video call, plus my time for documentation & coordination of care.
Family or partners may also be included during individual sessions, as relevant, but only as a means to support the individual client.

Remote session: 

-I am able to offer remote video call or phone-based sessions for clients within the State of Oregon.
I might be able to work with you if you're outside of Oregon, but I'll have to check with your State's Licensing Board prior to agreeing to "see" you.

-Video call or phone-based sessions cost the same as in-office sessions, and are treated the same as any other scheduled appointment (including 24-hr notice for cancellations).
-Remote sessions are not "anonymous." You will be asked to fill out intake paperwork and sign informed consent agreements electronically, or be able to print and mail in forms.
-Payment is due at the time of service, unless we have agreed on another arrangement. I can provide a "superbill" for you to send to your insurance company. Please note that not all insurances cover "remote" therapy sessions. Call your insurance company for more info.

Low Income/Uninsured:

Medicaid/OHP - I can take "Open Card" plans. I may be able to take your case if you are under a CCO. I ask that you send your insurance information and I can verify your benefits and coverage prior to any appointments.

The CCO's for Lane County OHP members are Trillium and PacificSource. You can contact them directly with further questions.

Uninsured, or uncovered- I am able to offer a "Reduced Fee Agreement" to help you be able to come to therapy, if you can't afford my full rate. Typically, most RFA's are between $30-70 per session, based on what you can pay.

-You can also find me on Open Path Collective, a regional network of reduced-fee providers, HERE. (If you're an Open Path subscriber, please provide your referral# when contacting me to set up an appointment.)


Therapy Groups/Classes/Workshops/Presentations:

Please visit the Events & Groups Tab,

go to this page,

and/or subscribe to my blog get the latest on group or presentation offerings, costs, and how to register.

Want to see me offer a support group, workshop or class on a specific topic? Please email with your suggestion. I might just take you up on it!

Want to have me offer an art therapy/art & healing workshop, class or presentation at your company or organization? Please call or email to discuss. I offer negotiable rates depending on whether you are non-profit, for-profit, or community-based.


Professional Consultation/Records Management: $25 per hr**

-For consultation to other professionals above and beyond routine case management of a client; administrative tasks above and beyond routine records requests, etc.

**Clients who only need one copy of their case file for personal use will not be charged an hourly rate, but may be billed for copying & mailing costs.


Insurance, Billing & Payment Methods 

Things to Consider about Insurance, Fees, and Payments

Financial agreement: You will be asked to read and sign a financial agreement if you wish to retain services from me, which will spell out my current rates, methods of payment accepted, expectations, and any other terms & conditions. Please ensure you have read & understand these terms. 

Payments Through a Third Party: If someone else (spouse, parent, etc). is paying for your treatment, you may need to sign a payment authorization, which gives me permission to talk to that person about financial matters related to your therapy. This person will be held to the same terms in a financial agreement as you are. 

Out of Pocket Payments for the full amount are typically due at the time of service, unless we have both agreed otherwise, such as signing a discounted fee agreement. 

Health Savings Accounts: I'm happy to accept payments from HSA's, however some HSA cards do not allow direct credit card transactions. In these cases, I will expect you to pay out-of-pocket, and will provide you a superbill to submit to the HSA for your reimbursement. 

Invoices/receipts are sent out around the 21st of each month, to the email address you provide. I can mail a physical copy to an address you provide instead, at your request. 

Ways to Pay: 

I can accept cash and personal checks. I can also receive digital/credit card payments either through Paypal, or through Ivy Pay, a confidential mobile payment system. 

For Paypal: I can run your card during our session, or you can go to the Paypal website HERE to pay online. Please make your payment to as a payment to a business.

For Ivy Pay: I use your mobile phone# to send a confidential link to set up your Ivy Pay account, which asks you to place a credit card on file. I can then run the card whenever you have a session or purchase a service. 

By Mail: To pay your invoice by mail, please return a copy of the invoice/stub, your payment by check (DO NOT send cash) or your credit card info and payment amount, to the following address: 

Serena Appel, MA
1525 12th St., Suite 8 
Florence, OR

Please make sure to note which service or session your payment is going to! 

Insurance- billing process

I am covered under most private insurance plans at the out-of-network rate. This is typically between 40-80% of my full fee. The remaining amount is your "co-pay". 

As a courtesy, I can help verify what insurance coverage you may have prior to starting therapy. Before your first appointment, please provide: 

-Name and phone# of the insurance
-Your name, as it appears on your insurance card 
-Member ID#
-Your date of birth 
-Your phone#
-If you are covered under a family member, also include their name and ph#

For standard claims, I am willing to bill insurance and navigate claim issues on your behalf. If your insurance can't accept a claim from my office, I will ask that you pay my full fee up front, and I will give you a superbill that you can send your insurance company to get reimbursed. 

A word about Medicare

-I regret I CANNOT get paid through Medicare, as they only reimburse for therapists who are Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW).
I MAY be able to bill a secondary insurance plan (Medicaid or private insurance) if you have one in addition to your Medicare plan.

For those who are Medicare-only, CLICK HERE to search for addiction or mental/behavioral health providers in your area.

If you'd like to help advocate for providers like me to be able to bill Medicare, there's a "write your representative" campaign, organized through the American Counseling Association. Read more and add your name HERE.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact me regarding any insurance/fee/payment matters.