Saturday, February 16, 2019

Joining Open Path

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that I have just gotten my approval to join the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective!

You can find my profile here:

Open Path is an online directory exclusively listing therapists willing to see clients for a reduced, sliding-scale fee for individual and couples/relationship counseling, rather than billing insurance or charging a full rate out-of-pocket. My rates through them would be as follows:

Individual counseling for teens and adults- $30-60 per session

Couples/relationship counseling- $30-80 per session

Potential clients are asked to sign up for the Open Path service, and pay a one-time membership fee. Once you have registered with Open Path, you are free to browse listings and choose any therapist you like. You agree to contact the therapist through the Open Path website, or mention that you found me on Open Path, as I'm required to verify your membership before taking you on as a client.

The benefit of this arrangement, is that you have a guaranteed resource of professionally licensed and experienced, sliding-scale therapists for as long as you may need it, wherever you go. You will know that you will get the same standards of good-quality care and handling of financial matters, with any therapist you see.

I am also still willing to discuss reduced-fee sessions as an option for clients who do not wish to join Open Path, of course. This is on a per-case basis, and is a discussion I would have with you when you first come in to consult with me about starting treatment.

Either way, I ask clients to sign a fee agreement document that clearly states the rate to be paid, length of time we will be using the discounted fee, and when/how this agreement will be reviewed. I strive for a balance between helping people access treatment they need, while also bringing in enough revenue to help me continue to run my practice in a way that supports my business and my community.

I hope you'll help spread the word about this service! Let's work together to help get affordable, quality mental health care and art therapy in the hands of as many folks as need it.

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